R&D is a major activity of “Pneumogenesis”. On-going research is focusing on stem cell function, including immunomodulatory, anti-fibrotic and regenerative capacity of mesenchymal stem cells. Future contributions will include new patented products and therapeutic interventions, including the launching of the new scientific field of stem cell “secretomics”; one of our major milestones.


Technological landmarks


The approach we are using is a multi-disciplinary one, including specialists from diverse medical fields (pneumonology, pharmacology, intensive care) and basic research scientists including a clinical biochemist/toxicologist, a molecular biologist and a bioinformatician. Our clinical platform includes: a) diagnostic criteria established by ATS/ERS, b) pharmacological interventions, c) operational procedures (i.e. bronchoscopy) and d) post-infusion curative treatment. Our clinical protocol involves optimization of stem cells prior to transplantation including the selection of sub-populations of stem cells expressing specific biomarkers with the use of flow cytometry. Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to model disease parameters and predict the most efficient curative scheme.

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